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Beijing Xinya Shengchuang Electric Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise and software enterprise recognized by the state and has passed the ISO9001 management system certification. As an influential power system consulting service provider in China, it is mainly engaged in power system analysis and calculation, power system. Technical consulting services, distribution automation product development and sales. The company has gathered a group of excellent management and technical talents, and formed a technical service team with senior experts in power system and doctoral degree in power system as the core, and a number of project managers with rich project implementation experience to form the management of the company. Up to now, it has provided professional technical services and consulting solutions for large-scale industrial enterprises, design institutes and engineering companies at home and abroad, and has received considerable praise.

The company is mainly engaged in power transmission and transformation engineering design, construction, power system operation and maintenance and fault analysis, power distribution system automation solutions; distribution automation product development, production and sales, power system relay protection configuration design and calculation, power system dynamics Stability analysis, optimization of power flow calculation, network reconstruction design of multi-objective function, power system reactive power optimization compensation design, power system harmonic analysis and treatment, transmission and distribution equipment fault analysis and processing, load forecasting, power system planning and design feasibility Research and other aspects of work;

Over the years, the company has conducted comprehensive power system analysis for foreign “Intel Company, Ai Di Meng Company”, “Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) “Chemical System Comprehensive Calculation Analysis of Chemical Projects, Saudi 2×300MW Thermal Power Plant,” India's catalore6x600MW thermal power plant "has carried out stability and relay protection configuration design and setting calculations, Pakistan's large-scale chemical integration enterprises and Iran's large oilfields, the comprehensive calculation of the transmission, transmission and distribution systems.

To conduct a comprehensive system analysis and relay protection setting calculation for the regional power system of the “large offshore oil and gas field in the Bohai Sea”, and the regional power system of the large-scale oil and gas field in the middle of the country, and to study the networking of large offshore oil and gas fields. Published the book "Code for Networking of Offshore Oilfields", for large petrochemical enterprises (power generators with a power consumption of 600MW~700MW, and self-supplied generators with a capacity of 3×100MW). For example: “Puguang Natural Gas Purification Plant”, “Sichuan Vini” Lun Factory, Fushun Petrochemical 800,000 tons of ethylene, "Shenhua Baotou Coal Chemical", "China Coal Yulin Coal Chemical", etc. for comprehensive electrical calculation analysis and relay protection configuration design and setting calculation, for large chemical enterprises, marine engineering, ships Waiting for hundreds of power projects to provide power system analysis and calculation and relay protection tuning calculation consulting services, providing fault analysis consulting services to a number of power companies. The company's services are timely and quality. Years of domestic and international engineering work, the company has a wealth of power system calculation and analysis experience, master a variety of domestic and international standards and norms, understand the production process of large enterprises. The company has power system analysis software such as ETAP / EDSA / EMTP / PSS, and the company's documents are standardized and standardized. The company is willing to provide management consulting and technical services for companies of all types of power.

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